Malware Computer Crime and Fraud

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It is observed that many times the criminals steal passwords or the username or may even change data and may delete the data. There are certain programmers who create malicious programs like worms, viruses, trojan horses, logic bombs and hoax. This is also a class of computer crime. Persecution and harassment is another class of computer crime which generally takes place in cyberspace. If the criminal keeps sending the email to the person who doesn’t want to receive such emails then it’s a type of harassments and may be classified as computer crime. There are many such examples of computer crimes. There are serious provisions of punishment for the criminals committing such crime. 2
Criminals, today, have become so expert that they manipulate the computer in order to obtain the information that they want and the user becomes the casualty of computer fraud. In order to cheat the user, the criminal must have access to the users’ personal information. This information can be easily obtained through software known as spyware. Spywares are installed on the computers and it has the capability to control the users’ activity. It collects users’ information without letting the user know about it. It collects data like telephone number, name, address and email domain or even the financial credentials. After that the criminal has taken all the data from the user, they commit computer fraud. With the information obtained, the criminal can commit a whole lot of malicious activities. Therefore, it is important to preserve and prevent all the important data so that they do not fall in the hand of computer frauds and criminals. 3
Even though the terms virus, worms or Trojan horses are used interchangeably but then there is a vast difference among all the three of them. They are all computer programs that are responsible to damage the computer system. Viruses are a buzzword in today’s world.