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Almost all the cases are with the consent of the parents and the prescription of qualified personnel. Most cases of over-medicating kids arise due to cases of bipolar disorders and depression. More than a million kids in the USA are on antipsychotic medication. People argue that the medication help the kids in lifting their bad moods and stabilizing depressive moments for the kid. The growth of drug use can be attributed to the availability of such medicines and the increased research that support the trend on efficacy grounds.Most schools have signs warning against drug use. However, their school sanatoriums are full of antidepressants for their students. The pressure that is applied on the kids by the schools and parents themselves does not help the situation in any way. Most kids are not able to cope up with the stress and the overall effect of this is on their social lives. In a bid to help them fit in, they are referred to psychiatrists who prescribe more and more dugs for them. The situation then becomes a cycle. new drugs for the same old problem. Also another side effect is the kids’ body does not absorb the drugs as the adult body would do and this can have a negative effect on the kids body.To further emphasize on the issue of over-medication, parents have greatly relied on medicines to tackle behavioral and psyche issues where simple activities would do, simple bruises and inflammation are treated with anti-inflammations medicines such as ibuprofen, signs of discomfort in children are highly not tolerated by parents and they resort to self- prescribing over the counter analgesics such as aspirin and Paracetamol (in fact almost every home has these medicines ready on the cupboard for emergency) even when research has clearly shown that their liver are not fully developed to metabolize the drug.Skin conditions, such as heat rashes, ringworms and mild cases of psoriasis which are a common phenomenon