Main Problems in Rocky Road School District

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Arriving into a new school district that is disastrous and full of problems and be stressful and overwhelming for a Superintendent but things can always be turned around. The first initial step is to take control of the situation immediately and figure out which issues need to be addressed first. When reviewing the Rocky Road School District, a few of the issues include but are not limited to. lawsuits from past parents and teachers, teacher contract negotiations, low test scores and a disconnect between parents and school because of bad communication. Each of these issues will need a plan of action to ensure that issues are handled in a timely fashion. When these issues are handled the Superintendent can work on rebuilding the school district. After determining how to go about the lawsuits and any important information that might help, we will then focus on increasing our test scores, student achievement and teacher and principal readiness. Staff in each school need to understand the importance of teamwork and how we can all work together to increase and better student achievement because the change starts with staff first. Included in this staff are teachers, principals, students, specialists and more. Everyone in the building brings something special to the team and we can all learn something from each other.