Madam X

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Hence, combining with other aspects like line intended by the artist to draw viewers’ attention towards the central image, which occupies better part of middle ground. Line It comprises one of the essential aspects utilized by the artist in this work to highlight varied aspects that draw demarcation of varied objects and their respective shapes (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). This is evident in the extreme edges of painting parts whose demarcations with other is by use of lines besides detailing varied shapes in the entire image. For instance, the circular shapes defining the nearby table where the woman seems to be leaning on, which is also evident in the way line acts as a boundary between her body’s upper exposed physique and the black dress (Costache 94). Hence, line in this case besides showing outer forms of varied aspects characterizing the entire portrait, it also acts as detailing element evident from the table’s sharp edges. In addition, induces portrait’s movement marked by the way it directs eyes of the viewer from the fore front parts of the table towards where the main image seems to lean on besides detailing the entire shape including that of the woman. Color The use of color in this image besides making the image appear more lifelike it emphasized on the main image, which is the woman (Costache 95). This is evident from the skin’s color, which reveals her beauty besides the entire dress being darker compared to other objects comprising the portrait. Therefore, color in this case similar to line acts as a detailing aspect evident from its varying intensities when used for varied objects that characterize Madam X’s artwork. Emphasis This is noticeable in the way artist has preferred abstract colors with those comprising the woman’s settings with the intention of making her stand out. Mainly, this is by using shades or colors with less intensity compared to those of the woman’s dress and skin. Depiction of emphasis is also noticeable by use of the image’s central placement and subordinating other diverse objects towards making that of the woman appear a bit bigger besides being appealing (Brynjolson Rhian 129). Light This portrait lacks adequate illumination, which could have resulted to sharp shadows. However, by observing the woman’s face and darker areas from where she is standing towards the background, it is evident the light is in front and above but bearing extremely weak intensity. However, its low intensity contributes to the emphasis of the main image by ensuring other objects that do not have strong shading in comparison to the woman do not emerge to over power portraits core focus. Texture It ranges from smooth to rough. Smooth surfaces in the portrait comprise the table surface, woman’s skin and her silk like dress whereas rough embrace the wall and floor from which the main object (the woman) stands. Space Detailed placement of varied objects comprising the portrait create a three dimensional appearance, for instance, the table and woman standing a distance away from the wall or at the center of the portrait (Jarvis Irene 44). Hence, create the aspect of depth evident from the unclear illumination of rear objects. Mood The absence of clear and defined color of the wall presents the mood of ethereal or abstract. Hence, prompting a keen viewer to suggest there is what