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A Communication PlanMekdes AsaminewRasmussen College05/01/2020IntroductionA communication plan is an approach, which is policy driven and meant to issue guidance to stakeholders as well as employees within an organization. This plan is essential as it classifies people who should be assigned specific info, the communication channels to be included so that the information can be delivered and what information needs to be sent (Foster, 2018). In this plan, there is also identification of people who should communicate, passive information that is of high value or that is sensitive and what methods, for example emails, face-to-face, or video conferencing should be used to disseminate the info (Foster, 2018). This paper contains a KBL communication plan developed with strategies to will be used by the Board of Directors to encourage the KBL team to perform Microsoft Word project work.Project kickoff welcome email     Hey everyone, we are glad to kickoff this project of performing Microsoft Word work with our very own Kingstone-Bryce Limited team members like you. The company hopes that we can all work together and collaborate so that at the end of the day we will be able to achieve the goals and objectives of the project at hand. Our big and general goal is using Microsoft Word in performing our project. Microsoft Word is an ideal that can adopted in this project for the better outcomes so we have to get the MS Word installed and running through.      Each member within this team will have a defined role which he or she will conduct throughout the project (Heldman, 2018). John will take the lead as the project manager, Christine will lead the copywriter team, Jane who is the art director will have Mary and Peter helping her through and Johnson will work alongside Andrew and Bill on the tech side. Since we have two teams in this project which are: the KLB employees and our competitor’s employees, we will get to know each other as time goes on. We have discussed about this project for days and I think the right time is in front of us deliver. Let us all make KLB proud not forgetting our customers. Let us make it happen because we know what to do. We have attached the specs of the project so that everyone can know where to it. Please share all related files about the project on KLB website link so that we can document and archive everything. This meeting was an email made one, where the same email was copied to involved participants.Project summary updatesI think as per now all of you understand our project. Our projects name is Microsoft Word Launch and the project is on track. The project manager and the team are in the concept phase, which means a topic for this week is not yet chosen but the tech and design teams are ready once the green light is given. Since the overall topic is not yet given, the planning team have had several meetings to try and bring it on table. So far, the presented ideas are four but the final meeting will be held on Monday to come up with the best out of the four. A brief will be carried on before the week ends because of the content team. The content team is ready to writing a content copy as soon as we finalize our idea. The content team is also gathering some info about KBL before presenting it to the tech team. By the end of next week, the design team will have come up with the style of MS Word and a template will be choose. To touch on the highlights, Johnson will be away on the tech team so any questions should be directed to Andrew. Some of the challenges we have include the tight deadline to complete the project shape (MacAulay, Spilker, Berg, & Merrill, 2017). You should all understand that we are working hard to keep all members organized and understanding their role. This meeting was presented to stakeholders via the email.Project closing executive summaryThe team really did a presentable job and I can give an applause to all participants. We were able to meet all our objectives including the set goals. The project-stakeholders were send some copies of the deliverables that we were able to meet. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in making KBL Company proud by bringing positive deliverables. We need to take the same follow ups for our future projects. It’s always advisable that when conducting a project to keep in mind that teamwork is an appropriate aspect for sufficient deliveries (Svendsen, Hansen, & Dorte, 2018). This meeting was a face-to-face meeting that included the project manager, the sponsor of the project, the entire project team and the Board of directors for Kingston-Bryce LimitedReferencesFoster, A. (2018). A Communication Plan for Organizational Effectiveness in a Youth Development Organization. Retrieved from, K. (2018).PMP: project management professional exam study guide. John Wiley & Sons.MacAulay, K., Spilker, E., Berg, J., & Merrill, E. (2017). Ya Ha Tinda Carnivore Diet Analysis: Project Update. Retrieved from, M., Hansen, C. R., & Dorte, A. (2018). Open Access Monitor-DK: Concluding Conference and Executive Summary. Retrieved from