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The results indicate that I have a 76 percentile score in openness to new experience. In this case, it means that 76 percent of people in my comparison sample will score less than me in openness to new experience. I believe this score is accurate since I am creative and curious in trying out new ideas. I can readily challenge conventional things since I like reading challenging materials and implementing new ways of tackling problems. I am capable of thriving well in an organizational setting that requires flexibility especially during changes such as implementation of new working policies, rules and procedures (McCrae, 2002). As a conflict manager, I believe I will be more adaptable to change and build relationships in the organization in order to avoid further interpersonal conflicts (Burger, 2010). Accordingly, my open-mindedness will allow me to seek more information on the sources of conflict and offer feedback on how to handle conflict in the organization (John, Robins amp. Pervin, 2010). From experience, I have learned new skills of interacting with peers in discussions and handling challenges. I also handled a task conflict involving high employee turnover in the organization. … I agree with this high score because I am well-organized and self-disciplined. I am deliberate in my actions, careful and goal oriented. I have a high need of achievement and I always strive in attaining such success in the most effective and efficient manner. I plan my work carefully and I have high regard to my work expectations. From my past experience, I have been able to succeed in several responsibilities due to proper planning and time management. As a conflict manager, I will be capable of ensuring that subordinates adhere to their tasks, work schedules and organizational beliefs in order to avoid task conflict in the organization (John, Robins amp. Pervin, 2010). From experience, I have handled conflicts dealing with absentees and lateness in work. I was able to guide the affected employees on how to have a sense of high achievement and plan their time properly in order to avoid lateness. From the self-assessment, I scored 93 percentile in extraversion dimension of my personality. This means that 93 percent of people in my comparison sample or group will score less than me in this personality dimension. I agree with the results since I am talkative, outgoing and comfortable while interacting with new people. I usually start conversations and strive to establish meaningful conversations with strangers. I usually attain personal social satisfaction while interacting with my peers. For instance, sometimes I try emphasizing certain elements of a conversation through use of wide gestures during thrilling activities like group work discussions. As a conflict manager, I believe that I will positive and active in handling conflicts concerning differences in perceptions and ineffective interpersonal relationships between subordinates (McCrae, 2002). This