Luxury Goods Industry Designer Handbags

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Customer service is a very important factor in the fashion industry, therefore the designers’ offers customers with the kind of service that concentrates on the customers wants and needs. The company goal is to make consumers believe in our product regardless of fashion trends. With the increase of demand for products such as handbags, the market for this particular product is steadily increasing, also the increase in tourism and customers help to increase the market. The market for our product is constantly changing and the speed of change depends on innovation and how the market perceives the industry. Demand for fashion is highly based on economic stability. When the economy is prosperous consumers are willing to spend money. When the economy slows down and is in the process of going into recession retail businesses slow down because consumers are not willing to spend extra cash on certain items such as clothing and accessories. The product design is the most obvious competitive advantage. Our designers are the most creative and innovative in the business. Our designs are one of a kind and unique, we also custom design bags for clients who want their own design.A Fashionable woman who realizes that she needs a new handbag when she realizes that her old handbag is no longer in fashion. The fashionable woman decides to purchase a designer’s bag. Her decision based on the design of the product, the numerous styles, sizes, and colors the product came in. it has been noticed that price is not a factor during customers purchase. It has been observed that the fashionable woman becomes pleased with her purchase due to the exceptional quality and artistic craftsmanship of designer’s bags.