Looking To Check My Answers And Methodology I’M Not Great With The Tnb Frame So I’M Not Quite Getting What I

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7:14 PM Mon Jan 20
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Prob. 2
Consider a car moving along a path defined by y = Acos(x) with speed v(t).
(a) What are at and an (a = att + ann) of the car as a function of x in terms of A, v and i?
(b) Let A = 0.1m, v = 2m/s and v = 3m/s2. What are at and an at x = ?
(c) What are ax and ay (a = arx + ayy) at x = ? (ANS: ax = 3, ay = 0.4)
(d) What are ax and ay at x = 2T
HINT: Always be careful that your n points towards the center of curvature.Science