London as Olympic Games Host in 2012

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The city approved an aggressive modernization initiative to include the development of a waterfront zone to improve tourist patronage and the allure of the city as a viable tourist destination (Corkill, 2002). The costs for this program were estimated at approximately £21 billion. Despite the high costs, clearly Barcelona recognized that the Olympic games would bring substantial tourist revenues, thus improving the city’s image was designed to bring long-term value to Barcelona. Additionally, the 2008 upcoming Beijing Olympics have significant construction efforts underway for arenas and stadiums to provide adequate facilities for visiting Olympiads (, 2008).London is considering several infrastructure improvements in anticipation of the 2012 Olympics, including a 500-acre park consisting of an athletic village, swimming pool and other indoor arenas in the Lower Lea Valley which is currently a somewhat dilapidated region in close proximity to Olympic events (The Economist, 2004, 82). Such efforts tend to suggest that London governmental officials are vastly aware that infrastructure developments are required in order to secure a positive sense of consumer awe and splendor during visitation to this region.In terms of economic growth, the 2000 Sydney, Australia Olympics brought the region 110,000 international tourists with a total economic benefit exceeding six billion Australian dollars (Cooper amp. Hall, 2005). This represented a 2.6 percent increase in total tourist volumes and associated revenues (Cooper amp. Hall). London is anticipating large-scale increases in tourist volumes, in the short-term during 2012. However, despite these measurable increases in Australia, London is not expecting the city to become reinvented as a tourist attraction as this area already enjoys ample profitability from being a quality tourist destination in contemporarysociety (Donovan, 2006). However, city officials expect similar-scale increases in tourism but only during the Olympic games events specifically in 2012. Thus, it might be said that the prestige of London will not be impacted substantially through hosting the events as the country already maintains a quality reputation within the tourist marketplace.