Local/global sphere and the techniques used for gathering and framing in AL JAZEERA

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nsumers and greater accountability of the media in the present era has in turn influenced the process of reporting and developed the concept of global journalism. The changing global as well as local environment has in turn influenced the different approaches in the process of reporting and has brought in massive changes in the stream of journalism (Cooper amp. Owen, 2014. Ward, 2008).With a mode of greater dependency on technologies, there has been an enormous change in the process of reporting and developing a contemporary style to meet with the elated needs of the consumers. In this regard, several media channels irrespective of their mode of operations are developing their processes of broadcasting to meet with the needs of information of the present generations. Like all other global media and reporting channels, Al Jazeera is developing the broadcasting procedures to enhance its acceptance as well as reputation in the global market.In this context, the essay elaborates on the contemporary processes of media communication. In addition, the discussion emphasizes the different needs of media communication in Al Jazeera for having a better understanding about the procedures of gathering and framing information.With the change that has been incorporated within the society by globalisation, a vast alteration has been observed in the global media. This intermingled nature of the society has in turn affected the cultural dimension present within the society. Journalism has emerged to be an integrated part for developing public relations across societies. The changed nature of reporting that is imposed by the globalised world has a huge impact on the different societal settings (Cooper amp. Owen, 2014). With its initial root from business reporting, journalism has evolved in various segments of the society and has emerged to be a credible source for reporting events. According to Knight (2003), due to the integration of new players in the system of transmitting