Live Musical Performances Jason Mraz and Kelly Clarkson

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The attitude of the audience was characterized by a loose spirit and good vibes which made the show even more appealing and distinct. Because many of the tracks were directed towards the more personal side of an individual, many of those who were watching were captured by the verses. Thus, the concert was able to successfully stir up favorable responses from the audience, including myself. Because the live performance was set up in an open venue, this added a more carefree and laidback feeling to the performers and the audience as well. they were also very open and receptive of the songs. Positive impressions were sure to be gathered from the concert goers along with fresh memories that could last a lifetime. The outdoor venue was beneficial in such a way that it could attract more attendees as it could accommodate more attendees. on the other hand, I think an indoor venue could be more useful as it could provide both the performers and the audience with the benefit of being protected from weather-related elements or other issues that could have a negative effect on performances in outdoor venues. The concert of Jason Mraz also exemplified a situation wherein trash removal and restrooms were an issue for some people that I have observed. if an indoor venue was selected for this performance, there will be fewer or no issues on the facilities. Nonetheless, majority of the audience, including myself, was more positively influenced by the actual music performance which evoked positive feelings and impressions among us. Another performance that I have been to was that of Kelly Clarkson that clearly expressed her strong personality and robust voice. The song arrangements were primarily comprised of string instruments, the… Live Musical Performances: Jason Mraz and Kelly ClarksonThe use of the horns was also demonstrated particularly through the songs from his We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things album. Majority of the songs were guitar-driven. for example, the song Details in the Fabric was played acoustic and although it had a slow pace, the performance of the song just moved along without becoming dull or boring. Other songs, such as the Dynamo of Volition, were delivered in a poppy and upbeat manner that reminded me of the tracks written in his first album. Actually, I observed that most of the tracks performed during the concert were interrelated with each other in such a way that their lyrics and rhythm created a balance among these songs. The artist’s cover of Summer Breeze expressed Jason’s sentimental and light rock appeal that spurred the crowd, especially the female members of the audience. Although the songs she performed had similar themes or meanings, Kelly and her group found a way to not make the arrangements sound too predictable or alike to each other. Songs from her previous albums, including Since U Been Gone, You Found Me, and Walk Away kept many of the audience members expecting for more hits while tracks from her latest album, such as Already Gone and All I Ever Wanted increased the interest levels among the attendees, especially from the younger ones.