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A stressful home or job makes some individuals more vulnerable. It is important for nurses to have this understanding in order that they may develop the ability to assist mentally-ill persons. A larger number of people struggle with mental illness. According to studies, one in five people suffers mental illness in United States. Therefore, I chose mental illness as it is among the most common issues that nurses are likely to face. It is important for nurses to be acquitted with it so that they can offer assistance.There are various search strategies for uncovering pieces of information required in the web. The use of an appropriate strategy improves the results greatly. Most search engines have forms for entering keywords, a button for beginning the search, links to advanced search tools, special options, and features, and subject categories. Depending on the characteristics of the search tool, different search strategies can be used. They are the simple searching, complex searching, phrase searching, natural language searching, and default Boolean logic.I used different search strategies in the activity. In the search for an article in EBSCO host database, I used simple searching strategy. EBSCO host database has a platform for keywords. For example, when I was a searching for information about mental illness, I clicked the EBSCO host Web button, which linked me to others buttons. When I clicked the Academic Search Premier Button, I was given the platform to enter my keyword. On the form, I entered the words ‘mental illness’ and then clicked the search button. The search tool gave me 30 results out of a total of 534,497 results. However, when I scrolled through the results, I could not find the specific information I required. In order to get specific information, I placed the words ‘mental illness in children’ in the form. The search tool gave me 30 results from 236,889