Literature Review MUST have access to scholarly articles within 5 10 years

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7-8 pages in total. Meaning 6 pages worth from Abstract to DiscussionTopic – Eyewitness MemorySources should be from a scholarly article within 5 years no older than 2010. At least 6 sourcesLiterature Review- summary of other people’s research. Synthesize research on a topic while also shedding new light on that topic. When writing a literature review you should rely on original sources, those that report research findings for the first time. After selecting a topic, and reviewing the literature, create a thesis statement for your paper/ This statement may summarize, integrate, or reinterpret the data. The completed literature review should contain the following sections:Topic Cover page- 1 page Abstract: A brief summary of the project including the research question, hypotheses, and conclusions. 1 page INtroduction: A summary containing the importance and history of the topic, related theories and findings, and your thesis statement. 1 full page Body: Describes research that has been done on the topic. Evidence that both supports and refutes your claim and how you reconcile this difference 2 pages Discussion/conclusions: What are your final conclusions? WHat further research could be done to support your conclusions? WHat implications exist for your conclusions? 1-2 pages References in APA style, should be no more than 10 years. Sources should be no older than 2010. At least 6 sources10/05/202060psychology