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But there is nothing inevitable about these outcomes. Such cycles of boom and bust in capitalist market economies are by no means laws of nature. To the contrary they are totally man made. They are specially designed and promulgated by the ruling elites of this country – the top one-tenth of the top one percent of the population. This narrow profit motive and lack of concern for the greater common good has accelerated the process of deterioration of environment. I am highly indignant about the nature of our economic system and the ethos of the political class that abets unjust practices. I am also restless to think of alternatives to the system, which we have tolerated and been complicit with for too long. As a symbol of my disillusionment with the both our lawmakers and business leaders, I have come to believe that the only meaningful change has to be propelled from below, meaning that they originate from the masses. Hence, I shall propose a novel change to our social norms which would greatly reduce the risk of economic and social crises in the future. I hereby propose that the youth of the country abstain from all sexual activity till the age of 25! I am sorry fellow students – I know how impossible a task this is for most of you! But being disciplined sexually during our teens and early adulthood will lead to great benefits for the economy, culture and beyond. I’ll explain how. At a time when the nation is going through economic slowdown, a measure of austerity needs to be followed. And there is nothing austere about activities like dating, romance and sex. In fact, these are luxuries even during a boom period for the economy, let alone during a crisis. For boys and young men, keeping their girlfriends happy and satisfied is a costly business. They have to take them out to dinners, to the cinema, buy them gifts periodically, etc, which consume valuable money. Usually, this money is not even theirs but of their parents, which makes it all the more objectionable. Another important loss is time. The amount of time young men spend in chatting with their girlfriends about apparently no particular topic is something the weak state of the economy cannot bear. Their time and energies can be better directed toward creative and constructive activities such as studying for exams, doing community work, or even yoga and meditation. The ‘savings’ in terms of money, energy and time that young men make is equally applicable to young women. Think of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry that promotes cosmetics, fashionable clothing, plastic surgery and other abominations. After all, the main reason young women dress up well and make themselves pretty is to attract the opposite sex. When all sexual activity under the age of 25 is outlawed, they would automatically lose incentive to waste valuable money on propping up their vanities. Diverting all this money into essential expenditures such as tuition fees will help extend quality education to more number of Americans. This will lead to the growth of social capital. This money could also be channeled into creating jobs in the manufacturing sector which has long lost out to foreign competition, thereby making ours a predominantly services industry. There is another