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With a focus on reading critically, identifying literary elements, connecting the elements used to each other in an effort to uncover what the author means (And no, there is no one meaning – everyone will interpret differently) you will write an analysis NOT A SUMMARY but an analysis of the essay.Here are your specs:POV: Third Person ONLYFormat: MLAWord Count: Minimum 1500Primary Source: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” by Fredrick DouglassSecondary: At least threeWorks Cited Page: AbsolutelyBorrowed material: At least six instances of borrowed materialThings to consider:PURPOSE:Remember, this is not an expository essay, it is an argumentative essay. Therefore you should be starting with your thesis statement, ensuring that the thesis addressed the topic in a way that motivated the reader to want to respond.BORROWED MATERIAL: Be selective when choosing the borrowed material. Don’t just find something to throw in the essay and cite it. That is not productive at all, not to mention it will get you a frowning face!Let your borrowed material, since you are reading the sources BEFORE you write the paper, be your guide.As you write, annotate, make note of what you like. Keep it. Then figure out how you can use it in your essay.REVISE AND EDIT: I cannot stress this enough. You MUST give yourself time to revise and edit your paper. There may be paragraphs that would fit better in a different section of the essay. There will definitely be errors. Give yourself time to revise and edit in order to submit the best paper possible!08/05/202020english