Life after diagnosis and treatment of cancer in adulthood

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41000 In the article, the author describes that they use data software to anise the data collected. The author presents the data in graphs and tables reflecting the collected information. Besides, the information is discussed in a logical, manner to explain the identified gaps. The discussion borrows widely from the works of other studies to draw conclusions and recommendations. Therefore, in this perspective, the author meets all the basic requirements of the research. The authors use literature review in various ways. First, he uses it to show studies that have been done previously. The articles the authors review represent various studies in the past. In this, the authors explain the main aims of the studies hypothesis and the finds of these studies. When relevant the author also shows various recommendations the scholars made. By critically explaining the researchers reviewed, the scholars seek to prevent duplication of the work. Doing studies that have been already done wastes both resources and time that could be employed in other places. Secondary, the author uses the review of articles from other scholars to identify the gaps in the study. This is the gaps that he eventually will seek to fill by his study. In this, the authors compare the objectives of one study with the findings of the study to find whatever that was left out. These they draw them from various sources on one study. In another aspect, the authors compare related findings to show various gaps that studies did not fulfill.