Let’s Have a Word

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He was a kind man, though some may say that he spoke a bit too much, perhaps a tad too expressive. He loved having team meetings, both official and unofficial, where he could crack jokes. talk about his hometown Naples and food, the passion of his life. Roberto was good at his work and had just pulled off a portfolio expansion of Mango’s investments. Nadia, the charming financial analyst from Minnesota and Roberto’s executive assistant was enthused to be working with Roberto. Working with Roberto for so many years made her accustomed to his mannerisms, especially the Italian undertones in his work. She knew he was an attention-seeking child at heart that enjoys sharing and discussing every thought on his mind. She did not mind that since she learnt a number of things from him whether it is financial management or classical music. Continuing the five year of tradition, the team – Roberto, Nadia and two investment managers, Eric and Kishan sat together for lunch, discussing the proceedings of the day as Roberto shared angry stories of his newly moved in neighbors. So, we hear that our new boss is coming? asked Eric, putting an end to the rumors floating around in the office. Roberto stalled the question for a while and then replied, Yes, you have heard it correct. The head of Finance, Leon Copra would be joining us from next week. Next Monday, Roberto restlessly tapped on his desk as he prepared himself of meeting with Leon. He did not know much about the fellow except that he was on a senior management rotation and has just moved from Hamburg. Roberto had never worked with a Norwegian and felt excited to be finally sharing his overload. It would be an important relationship with Leon, since Roberto was planning to move back to the corporate headquarters in Barcelona that were closer to this home. Nervously, he went through the presentation once again. A moment later a six feet tall blonde man entered the room, blue eyes and hardly any expression on his face. Roberto jumped from his seat, You must be Leon. Very pleased to meet you. Thanks, said Leon hardly showing any traces of excitement. Before we start our presentation, you must taste this Nutella cake that my wife baked. It is stupendous. A sugar start to a great day, smiled Roberto. No, thanks, lets get to the meeting. I have another one following this. Roberto’s presentation lasted 45 minutes, where Roberto explained the situation of the company in New York, often digressing to other topics and engaging Leon in conversations, but Leon quietly sat there, observing the work and replying in monosyllables. It was hard for Roberto to comprehend not to get laughs and at his best jokes or his observations. It seemed that tough times are about to come. Months passed and tensions between Leon and Roberto grew bigger and bigger. It was a clash of personalities, a clash of civilizations – an Italian who cannot stop talking and a Norwegian who treasured his spoken words like gold deposits. It was hard for Roberto to remain silent for 30 minutes at a stretch in their daily one-to-one updates. A year passed by as Roberto remained consistently uneasy about his relationship with his new boss. Amongst the relationship crisis for Roberto, another