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EDU 3215 Lesson Plan Template & Elements Name:Email address:Content Areas: English Language Arts (required) and xxxxxxxCommon Core Standard(s): (list and write all applicable)ELA CCSS:(E.g. Math) CCSS:Essential Question(s):Introduction and Lesson Objective (outline the purpose for the lesson in 50 -100 words)E.g., This lesson is largely focused on the teaching of the phases of matter through integrating English, Mathematics, and Science. Third grade students will explore properties of solids, liquids, and gases through an inquiry based, collaborative exploration.Resources/Materials/Technology Utilized:E.g., national geographic magazine, you tube clip on glaciers, ice trays, water, humidifier, empty 2-liter bottles; computer/projector/Internet/Smart Board/Ipads, notebooks, poster board, etc.Instructional Sequence (x amount of minutes/ how many days will this lesson cover). Include evidence of Explicit Instruction within the tasks/activity: Time Allocation Objective Activity Assessment/Evaluation Vocabulary: Identify Tier II and any Tier III vocabulary wordsDifferentiation: Think about your students’ needs. What about your ELLs?  How will you accommodate these students? What support will they need?Anticipated Outcomes:E.g., Students were excited about science experiments with liquids, solids, and gases. They shared stories about their own experiences playing in the rain, and how evaporation was a perquisite for precipitation. Some students related gases to helium balloons at birthday parties, indicating that helium must be lighter than compositional elements of the atmosphere.Anticipated Difficulties (Teacher or Student): Think about your follow-up  E.g., Since gases were less tangible than solids or liquids, some students did not understand their properties as well. An at-home experiment was conjured and directions for the experiment were sent home to expand upon the original activity. Students also had the assumption that the atmosphere was composed of 100% oxygen so I found an excellent YouTube video to show them tomorrow: section will include a copy(ies) of text passage, comic, screenshot of site, student worksheets, graphic organizers, or any pertinent materials for lesson