Legal Issues in Hospitality Industry

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With the international hospitality industry fast developing to a more advanced level, a wide range of issues concerns the management authorities of hotels. In this context, a significant notion that requires comprehensive description is hospitality ethics. The term ‘hospitality ethics’ is broadly concerned about moral obligations in accordance with hospitality relationships and practices. Ethical issues in a hotel are specifically associated with the issues of customers, employees and the management. As the hospitality industry is purely customer-based, the ethical, as well as legal concerns of the industry, inevitably involve a number of important issues regarding consumers, management, employees and business partners.

With the changing picture of the international hospitality industry, changed the dimension of hospitality management. As the hospitality industry has developed and expanded as a serious business arena, its ethical values and responsibilities have also multiplied the concerns of hospitality management authorities. Today’s hospitality managers must be multi-talented individuals (Barth and Hayes, 2006). Given the complexity of the modern business world and the hospitality industry, in particular, hospitality managers are required to assume specialized roles in order to deal with issues such as customer-related issues, employee counseling, an inspection of consumer facilities, health and safety concerns, and so on.

One of the most significant responsibilities of the hospitality managers is the operability of decision making in accordance with the involvement of some kind of legal dimension required by the hospitality organizations. Apparently, there is a wide range of ethical issues and concerns observed and followed by the hospitality management for gaining competitive advantage in the industry.&nbsp.