Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Practice

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It has been argued that the adoption, as well as the execution of medical malpractice caps, would considerably make the healthcare departments more reasonably priced. It can be apparently observed that there are plentiful reasons for supporting and going against the adoption of medical malpractice caps. In this regard, a few of the reasons for and against medical malpractice caps have been provided hereunder.

It would assist in controlling various costs related to health care
Doctors are often forced to exercise defensive medicine. i.e. the doctors must focus on not getting sued rather than recovering patient
Doctors are expected to deliver superior healthcare benefits to the patients linked with medical malpractice caps

Numerous patients may be discouraged from filing
The cap might provide very modest negotiating an opportunity for the settlements
Every&nbsp.malpractice case& diverse and for this, a jury and a judge need to decide the appropriate damage amounts (Balanced Politics, n.d.).
Discuss These within the Context of Why, According To the Author of the Text, Patients Sue Healthcare Practitioners
In order to determine concerning the patients sue healthcare practitioners, it can be affirmed that malpractice claims are often regarded as the lawsuits made by a particular patient against a specific physician for the discrepancies made in the treatment procedure (McGraw-Hill Education, n.d.). According to Judson &amp. Harrison (2010), it can be affirmed that the patients might sue healthcare practitioners on the grounds of conducting medical malpractice in terms of causing errors in the treatment procedure.&nbsp.&nbsp.