Legal and ethical issue in information security

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Topic: Legal and ethical issue in information security With the installation of surveillance system in the factory, ethical concerns must arise. One of the greatest ethical concern is if the workers are spied on by the cameras even in private areas e.g. in the wash rooms or changing rooms. It is unethical to install cameras in such places to spy on the workers. It is a total invasion of personal privacy and should be considered before the installation of surveillance system. Another crucial ethical concern arises when the small cameras are installed in public areas within the factory e.g. break rooms, smoking areas, dinning and staffrooms. The worker personal chat, away from their work requirements, is exclusively their business. It is unethical to evade their personal life with cameras and i would totally take this into consideration. Using the cameras for biased reasons on the workers is another notable ethical issue i would consider. Security personnel and supervisors should not use the cameras to monitor the race or sex doing something or the location. All workers should be treated equally, and the cameras should not bring the division by race or gender. Use of the surveillance system for personal interests is as well a key ethical issue I would consider. Security personnel and supervisors should not use the cameras to stalk or blackmail workers for their own selfish reasons. Use of cameras, to see what the worker are doing on their desks or even computer screens, is additional ethical issue I would consider. It is unethical to use cameras to monitor individuals work. These would result to the workers fearing their every move in their work is being monitored leading to a decrease in their productivity. On taking the installation work, I would set certain conditions in place. Employees privacy should be protected. A legal framework should be implemented, to protect employees’ rights. This is because the surveillance systems unethical. With technology being so dynamic, employees privacy is invaded and thus the need to confront the issue. The manager must understand that privacy is a right employee’s need. By justifying, the cameras should be installed will help protect the rights of employees. Employees surveillance is on the increase, and countless of them are unaware that they are closely monitored. There being no legislation about making unannounced surveillance illegally, many employees see this as unethical and an invasion of privacy. Not all legal things are ethical regardless of the reason. The manager should understand that surveillance should be restricted in private areas e.g.| showers and bathrooms. Video surveillance is limited to video only since audio recording has legal restrictions. The video recorded should at no one time be used for personal gains against the employee. It is illegal make public your employee by use of the resulting video. The manager should consider the impacts of surveillance. After installing the system, will it boost the workers morale in their work or will it intimidate them. The system should not intimidate workers but should detect any theft taking place in the company. If the employees view this as unethical, many will lose loyalty.ReferencesKizza, J. M. (2010). Ethical and social issues in the information age (4th ed.). London: Springer.Whitman, M. E., amp. Mattord, H. J. (2010). Management of information security (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology, Centage Learning.Whitman, M. E., amp. Mattord, H. J. (2012). Principles of information security (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology.