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of Previous Clinical Experience(s) as they relate to the preceptorship placement. During the of my last few experiences, I have come across various encounters that have helped me become ready for this pre-grad placement in emergency. First placement at rehab had helped me develop my basic skills with the care. It helped me become more time sensitive with the care. During the obstetrics placement, I got the opportunity to see the emerge situations and realized that C-section was chosen to maximize safety for child and mother. I remember, during my medical – surgical placement, once code blue was called as one of the patient became unconscious and first thing done by the nurse was to check the airway and immediately elevated her legs so as to maximize blood flow to brain. In the cardiac placement, I came across situations wherein patients would start complaining of chest pain and immediately nitroglycerine spray would be given three times after five minutes interval. later patient would be sent for angiography as patient would still be complaining of chest pain. All the above circumstances helped me increase my critical thinking skills. The role of nurses in all these encounters was very important and all of the situations were handled by the nurses very well. My previous clinical experience has helped me to use the critical thinking skills to provide patient care and will help me in this perceptorship. 2. Strengths in Clinical Practice (reflect on previous clinical rotations). I know my medications before administration e.g. effectiveness, side effects, signs of adverse drug reactions and/or drug interactions. I understand the importance of administrating medication on time and signing them on MAR after administration. I review documentation, prior documentation and provide adequate time to document appropriately. My fluency in different languages (English, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi) is an added asset for provision of care. E.g. in the cardiac placement, I was called in the Cath lab for translation purposes. I looked for new opportunities, during my last placement at cardiac floor. I got an opportunity to put catheter in last 15 minutes of last day of placement. I always document accurately and in a timely manner. My strong computer background has helped me to do my work faster than others. E.g. documentation and reading patient notes on computer 2. Challenges in Clinical Practice (reflect on previous clinical rotations): – In some hospitals it is hard to follow Infection control practices as there are no proper hands washing stations around and no proper isolation rooms available for patients. I am not comfortable with the IV drugs administration as I didn’t get the chance administer the IV drugs in my previous clinical experiences. I felt time management is another area that I need to improve. In my previous clinical placement, I would often miss my breaks to finish my work. In my previous clinical placement, I would got nervous whenever an emergency situation would arise. I didn’t get the opportunity to learn some nursing techniques. E.g. Catherziation, and Insertion Nasogastric tube. 4. Strategies for learning that have proven effective in the past: (include discussion of how you might incorporate these into this experience). In the previous clinical experiences that have proven effective in the past are: Asking nurses and clinical teacher why, if I am not able understand the situation. I think this strategy will be helpful and I will incorporate it in this clinical. In this clinical rotation, even doctors are around so this will give me the opportunity to ask questions and further enhance my understanding. Another strategy that was helpful in previous clinical rotations was, knowing the meds before administrating them. I did research on the meds before administration and it had helped me increase my understanding as well as increased my level of comfort. I will follow this strategy in this clinical as it will enhance my understanding as well as help in providing safe patient care. Head to assessments on patients has helped me better understand the diagnosis of my patients. I think this strategy will be helpful in my current experience as I am going to see different scenarios in emerge and this will help me better understand the signs and symptoms and diagnosis. 5. Strategies for learning that have proven ineffective in the past: (How might you avoid these during this experience?) Time management: In the past clinical rotations, I was not able to manage the time for patient care. I often missed my breaks in my previous rotations. I will avoid this by planning my care before hand and will discuss with my preceptor, how to do proper time management on this floor 6. Goal(s) for this Clinical Experience (to be transferred to the Learning Plan after discussion with your preceptor) I want to learn the policies and guidelines used in the hospital for infection control. I want to learn about medication errors and what needs to be done if medication error occurs. I want to learn how to write a proper patient progress note. 7. Additional Comments/ Suggestions: I am also looking forward for this placement in terms for increasing my skills and comfort in providing patient care