Learning Plan

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Moreover, e-learning reduces publishing as well as distribution costs. E-learning provides individualized instruction for learners, unlike print media. E-learning differs from the traditional instructor-led courses in that the instructor-led courses are costly and clumsy. In collaboration with proper needs assessment, e-learning is capable of targeting specific learning needs. Through the use of learning style tests, e-learning is also capable of locating and targeting individual learning preferences. According to the Trim learning theories, a number of activities should be used to ensure good learning. The linguistic mode has been found to provide a way to one of the most accurate methods of learning. This explains why it has had such a big impact on the world of training and education. To increase linguistic retention, one must follow a variety of ways such as note-taking, cueing, and active learning. A learning plan will, therefore, go a long way in making the distance learning experience a beneficial and satisfying one. It must, however, meet the learning outcomes of the course being offered.The unit for my learning plan assignment is a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. This refers to the coherent and strategic approach to managing an organization’s most valuable assets, who are the people working for that organization (Armstrong, 2006). An organization’s employees collectively and individually contribute to the attainment of its goals and objectives. The term human resource management has come to replace another term ‘personnel management.’Human resource management describes processes involved in the management of people in an organization (Armstrong, 2006). Simply put, human resource management entails the employment of people, development of resources, utilization, maintenance, and compensation of services in line with organizational and job requirements.Human resource management techniques have forced managers to express their organizations’ goals with specificity in order for the workforce to understand and undertake them, and to provide the necessary resources for the successful accomplishment of their assignments. Human resource management techniques express an organization’s overall operating practices and goals when properly practiced. Many people see human resource management is very important in reducing risk within an organization.