Learning Log Employability and Personal Development

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The change in career patterns came with the variety of knowledge and skills required for different types of job profiles. This has lead to a diversification of career paths. Employees who join an organization have specialized higher education and hence they look for more autonomous work. They no longer look for companies with long-term employment opportunity and workforce turnover is on an increase. The switching of the job depends on the difference of compensation being provided, increase in hierarchal level and challenge in the new assignment. Once an employee reaches the peak of a job profile, he must upgrade his knowledge and skills to move to the next level of the hierarchy. The organization is not the only source of training as there are a plethora of opportunities available with the training organizations in the market and the educational institutions providing specialization.
The variety of careers have increased the employment opportunity however they have also increased the fear of being laid off and hence the work-related stress. The fear of being out of a job is the key factor which pushes a person to learn new skills which make him employable in the modern work environment.
The switching of job every two years or so has to lead to no emotional attachment between the employee and the organization and the employees think of their own benefit instead of thinking of the organization. This is equally true for the organization. Thus, the Human Resource department in the organization has a key role to play in finding, training and retaining good employees.