Learning English as an Additional Language The Onset of Multiculturalism in Early Years

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As the above provisions have put forth a background evaluation of the issues, they will be elaborated with regard to the integration of children who learn English as an additional language. Thus, further evaluations will be put forth for future aspects that will relate to what could have been done better in order to gain the required results. Therefore, this research aims at: Gaining proposed results to understand this topic Bettering the system of education for EAL children Providing a detailed literature and qualitative base for other studies in the same field Developing an understanding amongst parents for multiculturalism 1.2. RESEARCH STATEMENT There is a need to promote the idea that learning English in this current era for children in their early years shall not prove as a problem as it may cause social disorganization and not just the stance of multiculturalism. It is important that every step shall be taken to ensure that the system of education under this aspect is analyzed and evaluated for understanding its deficiencies. In this study, research problems, which are to be discussed are related to the effects multiculturalism has caused on this sector. Therefore, the questions which will be studied in this research are: How multiculturalism is affecting EAL children of an early setting? How much role is played by the integration system and structure in this issue? Through what steps can a better frame be structured for this system? If a solution for this influence is not found, it can lead the entire educational sector towards havoc. There is also a need to diversify this fast paced transition, and it is necessary to understand that it has a positive elevation as well. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW Different education institutions in UK encourage various…
The paper tells that different education institutions in UK encourage various methods for integrating children who learn English as an additional language for aiming at a long term success rate. For this purpose, specified strategies are used and implied by them. In the light of different literature and their review, this paper puts forth different strategies which could be adopted in order to make sure that problems from this part of learning in UK are prevented. Thus, integration of children belonging to different cultural and traditional backgrounds, through steps like cultural festivals and presentation of traditional backgrounds, is yet another verification of multiculturalism. This also specifies the fact that multiculturalism has its onset from the early settings of learning and education. The important part that has been gained from the below provided literature review also indicates what problems are influencing this onset, and how they can be eliminated. In a study conducted by Johnson and Newport, problems faced by children of English as an Additional Language (EAL) were targeted for evaluation, and it was found that even though learning a language is a critical procedure, it could be easily carried out starting from infants until puberty. But, it was stated that learning an additional language, specifically English, is much more of an intense procedure, which requires a great deal of efforts by children as well as practitioners and parents.