Leadership Skills in Ghee Huat Co Pte Marketing Team

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The marketing team leader possesses effective communication skills to acquire and distribute information among the team members successfully. This is because communication maintains a focused team that is flexible and able to react positively to changes in the marketing environment, hence the team cannot lose direction. The leader is creative and understanding in regard to the desires and characteristics of the team, which allows him to be aware of the capabilities of the members. His Inter-personal skills are significant in promoting cohesion among group members. When the team members establish strong relationships, they are able to learn from each other, and also work to accomplish a shared vision (Lamb amp. McKee, 2004). The leader has the capacity to control the team, which makes it possible to give it direction and to ensure that the objectives are met. In other words, he sets the pace for the team and ensures that the members are facilitated to accomplish their tasks. This involves the ability to counsel when there appear to be difficulties, performance and reward management, correction of team members who are unable to meet the target and to be accountable for the team’s actions (Mullins, 2007). These are competencies that are significant for successful teams. The leader possesses organizational skills that are important in ensuring that the team’s activities are accomplished according to the organizational strategy. He also possesses mentorship skills that enhance performance, especially for the new team members. Mentorship is important especially in the marketing activities whereby members of the team are likely to lose focus due to the many activities involved and the number of people that they interact with, who have different opinions regarding an organization’s products.