Leadership Process And Professional Development

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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership were given in a book titled the same by John C. Maxwell who is an expert on leadership. He has sold over 16 million books on the topic of leadership and has trained millions of people on the topic.1The book alone has sold one million copies worldwide. These laws discuss and define the topic of leadership in great detail, carefully outlining all the characteristics a leader should have. These laws are very individual in nature but in many ways complement each other beautifully. The application of these laws in any leadership can help make this leadership great in every sense of the word. Most people think that leadership is the same as management or entrepreneurship. these laws clearly define the differences and clear the concept. These laws are defined below.
The Law of the Lid: This means that every leader has an inborn capacity within him, the capacity to lead. He cannot go beyond that capacity in his leadership. A leader has a limit to his effectiveness and cannot be effective beyond this limit. A person may be an effective leader for a group of 20 middle-aged people and may not perform the same in leading a group of 10 youngsters. Organizations and people should understand this, if an organization is not working well it may be beyond the effective capacity of the leader.
The Law of Influence: Even people of small size or age can have great influences. Leadership is all about influencing people to participate and do things in the right way. Without having this ability it is almost impossible to lead people. Adolf Hitler was 5ft 9 inches of height but he was a very popular leader of Germany for a very long time.2
The Law of Process: To become a good leader one has to be a learner at all times.