Leadership in Action

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Leadership is very important and its applications impact all types of organization. The use of leadership can see the sporting industry, government, and in all industries of the private sector. The Greek civilization had a power structure depended on the leadership of the emperor. In the 20th century, great leaders such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs have achieved massive personal fortunes by leading their organizations. The success of organizations such as Microsoft was highly dependent on the control mechanism the managers establish to monitor the company. Lack of operating control can lead to disaster. In 2001 the Enron Corporation came down largely in part there was no control in place to prevent and detect the fraudulent activity of the top executives. A piece of legislation that helped improve the internal controls of the corporation was the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.In the simulation leadership in Action, the player served the role of a chief operating officer. As a new member of the team, the COO has to find a way to connect with the different groups in order to create networking and alliance with the rest of the staff. The goal of the COO is to be able to influence the staff by exerting leadership. In the simulation, you will face the challenge of leading a group of unwilling employees to achieve aggressive targets (Leadership in Action Simulation, 2010). The company in the simulation is called Smith Falmouth. The company is dedicated to mail order network and teleshopping. The new COO does not have any influence on the staff. The person needs to earn the trust of the workers by performing networking.The simulation Leadership in Action deals with a group of employees that are unwilling to follow the company goals and targets. As the newly recently appointed COO my job is to win the employees over in order to be exerted.