Leadership and Management Solution of Conflict Resolution

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Being prepared to deal with conflicting staff allows management to implement several strategic tactics to dissolve conflict resolution and restore solace to the workplace.
Diversity has emerged in the hiring practices of the workplace in the areas of race, age, gender, religion, and most recently culture. The globalization of the business world has jolted corporations to embrace diversity in order to maximize competitiveness and optimize human resources. However, the array of differences can lead to misunderstandings and unfortunately workplace contention. Supervision has to be well prepared to counteract confusion. Both authors Craig E. Runde and Tim A. Flanagan (2008: 92), authors of the book Effective Leadership Stems from Ability to Handle Conflict, believe that “most effective leaders are extraordinarily competent at handling conflict.”
An example of such an experience is the feel-good movie Glory Road. The movie is based on The Texas Westerns college basketball team in 1966 who won the NCAA championship while promoting diversity. The coach of the team, Don Haskins, pioneered diversity by recruiting players deemed best for the positions and sidestepping traditional hiring practices. The hiring of new folks in nontraditional roles is an exemplary example of effective leadership. These are attributes of a true leader as the attainment of the desired result outweighs skepticism and cynicism. Peter F. Drucker (1994: 100) article “The Theory of the Business” reveals that a valid theory of business suggests that the assumptions about the environment, mission, and core competencies must fit reality.
The example of coach Haskin has to be the pinnacle of addressing conflict. Throughout the movie, strong interpersonal attitudes clashed among team members. Fights erupted and tempers boiled.&nbsp.&nbsp.