Leadership and Management of Change in Primary Health Care Service

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) [2] is ‘a union of seven sovereign sheikhdoms in the Arabian Gulf which was formed in 1971’. The development of the country has been radical after the discovery of petroleum. More specifically, all particular factors of the country’s daily life have been transformed and have passed from the idle situation of the past to a phase of continuous development in all their aspects. In this context, the country designed its healthcare strategies based on the guidelines of the international bodies trying to provide equal access to all the country’s residents keeping the cost at a marginal level. More specifically, the country’s main strategies regarding the healthcare industry is characterized from the following features [4]: a) Effort to provide healthcare services of high quality to all the country’s residents, b) limitation of the mortality and increase of the life expectancy, c) successful control of most infectious diseases that appeared in the country, d) effective treatment regarding the chronic diseases, e) introduction and application of programs related with specific parts of the population, like the children and the elderly and f) development of existing information systems used for the management of data related with the healthcare industry. On the other hand, the country has been characterized by the establishment and the operation of an extended network of primary healthcare centers which have been distributed in all areas of the country. A very important issue regarding the healthcare industry of UAE is the existence and the operation of secondary healthcare centers which are the most preferable option for the vast majority of the population. This issue should be examined thoroughly as for its reasoning because the preference showed towards the above centers cannot be explained logically due to the existence of numerous primary healthcare centers which should be the first priority of population when seeking a place for medical treatment.