Leadership and Management for Nursing Practice

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A new model of primary care that has been introduced from the learning of Primary Care Strategy (A Vision For Change2006c) illustrates a shared mental health model that aims the provision of all-round services with the aid of amply developed resources through nicely integrated endeavors. This restructuring is positively stimulated with the needs of the clients in relation to mental health in Ireland which may be receipt of the high-quality profession by equitable accessibility to user-friendly services, protection of their rights and dignity, receipt of community-based services, their active participation, receipt of multidisciplinary services, adoption of recovery perspective, access to psychological therapies, etc (A Vision For Change 2006a). The principles of change management and leadership theories for strategizing and implementing any reform should be practiced by setting clear and practical targets, overcoming fears and meeting the needs of the clients. For leading the change as a nurse, my efforts would be to provide out of hour services, to encourage psychological therapies, thereby complementing the change through up-gradation of skill, hence providing diverse services for the overall rehabilitation of my clients.Studies reveal that intellectually challenged persons may suffer from mental health problems too. Due to their susceptibility to adapt to the changes in their environments, patients of this category need to be handled with special care and attention. They deserve an intuitive and respectful service to emancipate from their infirmities. However, the services for catering to the needs are too meager to meet their requirements. The guidelines laid down for their treatment are the same for the conduct in all other fields of mental health.