Leadership and Management Essay

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Though the two concepts are completely different, they are linked with each other. It is quite significant for the organizations to pay due attention towards the leadership as well as the management aspects in order to increase the efficacy of the overall organization (The Wall Street Journal, 2012). The main objective of the paper is to identify the changing nature of the work environment and the relevance and the application of recent approaches to organizational structure. The study will also endeavor to identify if any association between organization structure and culture exists or not. The paper will also attempt to offer examples from recent organizations such as Ford Motor Company and McDonald’s and will demonstrate the organizational structures of these two organizations and how it tends to impact the culture as well. organization Structure By the term ‘organization structure’, it can be comprehended as the framework around which a group is organized, the groundwork that keeps the coalition functioning. It serves as an operational manual directing the members how the organization is put together and how it tends to operate. … One of the most significant functions of the organizational structure is related to decision making. One of the imperative benefits related to the organization structure is that if the organizational structure is flat then the decisions can be made quickly. organizational structure can perk up the efficacy. In a functional organization, where there is a considerable number of departments, the department heads delegate project tasks to both directors as well as managers. These individuals generally take up tasks with the help of numerous coordinators as well as analysts. Employees are held responsible for their individual tasks since all the employees work hard to complete their project on time. Those employees belonging to small companies are often organized in terms of product or geographical region are found to be more motivated. This implies that the organizational structure of a smaller organization is quite flexible enough to motivate the employees of the organization. The organizations subsist in order to integrate corresponding activities in the presence of specialization. The numerous structural dimensions of the organizational structure are connected with various activities happening within any controlled group of components behaving in a certain way to follow objectives. The information activity which is concerned with information flow among the members of the group is generally related to the coordination dimension. The monitoring activity which is related to the recuperation functionalities of the organization is associated with control dimensions. A good organizational structure may assist in developing and administering a culture which is conducive for the members of the organization.