Leadership and Empowerment

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82000 &nbsp.The leadership perspective derives its basis from having an adequate room to maneuver the strengths that lie within the organizational domains. Without a leader who could steadfastly and proactively take decisions on a consistent basis, there are problems which the leader can envisage for the organization under question and the managerial levels can also witness serious problems to arise every now and so often. The organizations of today are very serious about their leadership since they know that having leaders of repute would mean half the job done. Those personalities are given a chance to be the leaders who command immense respect amongst the subordinates as well as within the competitors. Those who have a knack of careful lobbying within the related industrial levels are given a much better place within the organization than others. All these tasks outline the importance of properly looking after the organizational performance regimes, which in essence would suggest that the organizations work in a very cohesive fashion and bring out solid results for the stakeholders, the customers as well as its internal publics. A sound leader can provide the much-needed confidence that is required by the organization in times of organizational problems and distress. This leader knows essentially the exact manner through which he can sail his way through the tides that come his way (Storey, 2004). The top management thus needs to appoint leaders who can inspire others, motivate the employees into giving in their very best as well as provide them the resources so that they could extract rich rewards for the organizational sake at the end. This indeed would mean success towards organizational performance.