Lead Character in Streetcar Named Desire

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This play is credited for having launched the popularity of the icon Marlon Brando.One of the lead characters in the play is Blanche Dubois who is a representation of a haunting and beautiful thing of the past. Dubois character is very much the opposite of Stanley, her antagonistic brother-in-law. While it is true that Dubois past is filled with bad memories ( from being evicted from a house to living with a homosexual husband) Dubois has an endearing quality that made me admire her despite her social snobbery – her humility. Blanche uttered the wordsI had always depended on the kindness of strangers( Scene 11) as she was ushered in the mental institution after a nervous breakdown. Who wouldn’t fall apart after being raped by her own brother-in-law? Her humility is adorable since she speaks of the irony of her situation where strangers are more accommodating to her than that of her own kin. While most critics would view Blanche Dubois as someone with a personality disorder since she is very much attached to her past, I admire Blanche to admit during her lowliest moments that she always relied on people who are considered strangers. Another instance where this endearing quality is shown is when she dated Mitch. She was putting her hopes on this stranger who never said anything about her hurtful past which is why she uttered the famous words Sometimes there’s God — so quickly( Scene 6). In short, Blanche is endearing for her sincerity and need to be appreciated as she is, as she was and will be. Her statement about strangers comforts her knowing that the sanitarium might even be a safer place for her to protect her fantasies.On the other hand, Dubois most self-destructing quality is her emotional immaturity as seen by the choices she makes in choosing men. First, she marries a man who is homosexual and yet worships him so much. She lives in a fantasy world and would rather not face the reality.