Law statement of purpose

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Law ment of purpose With the current competitive job environment and effects of globalization that that continues to intensify the competition, it is not only necessary to pursue academic goals to establish a desired career and succeed in it. A higher level of academic advantage over competitors in the job market and its effects on knowledge and efficiency in operation is necessary. This has influenced my decision to study at the graduate level and I wish to apply for a chance at your graduate school.My long-term interest in law is my main reason for application. Having developed an interest in law during my elementary school years, following an interesting legal argument at the United States Supreme Court, I aligned my interest to studying law and was already biased to law related subjects during my high school. This further influenced my decision to study Islamic law at the undergraduate level. Studying law at the graduate level will also offer me an opportunity to work with my former University. In addition, my interest in human rights has motivated my intention to study law at the graduate level for a better understanding of laws on the rights and possible gaps that exists in the laws for improvements. My experience in law includes internships with law firms and volunteer work with human rights based nongovernmental organizations. Upon completing the graduate program, I will establish myself in the legal profession and use my professional and social position to inform legal policies and to advocate for greater recognition of human rights, especially rights of marginalized populations. Besides my intrinsic motivation into the graduate program and my academic background in law, I have availed resources and planned my schedule to ensure successful completion of the program. I look forward to your consideration.