Law human right and government report

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With my self-control ability, determination, and time consciousness, I constantly kept on reminding members to attend meetings and submit their contributions in time since time management is imperative in the success of any group especially academic groups and life in general. Interestingly, many abided. I often consciously reminded team members of participating into meetings in time.
My group operated well by following three principles. We were courageous and intimate to tackle the issues that were prevalent. We chose the issue Self Determination of Aboriginals a topic that our tutor cautioned that it was possibly one of the hardest topics and advised us to rethink of another topic. However, team members insisted that we work on such a challenging topic as it would allow us gain greater perception of issues and consequently learn more. Additionally, we maintained a good relationship by embracing forgiveness and apologies for those who did not make to attend meetings. Finally, fairness was highly embraced in task allocation, with each member taking an equal workload thus eliminating any sense of discrimination.
I was delegated the task of completing ‘the political context’ of autonomy of aboriginal that included domestic and international political contexts, and its supporters and opponents. Three main tools proved to be helpful in finalizing the task. library database, Google scholar, and Google search webpage. The library database helped me to find outstanding and peer-reviewed articles. The Google scholar provided supplementary literature that might be missing in the library database. The Google search webpage further complemented the research by providing up-to-date news and imperative information about the concept.
I used the date of publication/update of articles and reliability to ascertain the usefulness of the literature. The