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Law Discussions (2) Law Discussions (2) Contracts have vague languages that do not apply to numerous different situations, roles, and places. Discussing rules is more difficult than putting them down in a manner every involved party will understand. Since negotiation periods are brief, negotiators often agree to a contract’s vague language since it is the most agreeable one (Margolies, 2007). Every manager should know about a contract’s legal penalties. Managers should know that contracts assume intentions for legal associations, which means it does not specifically assert that one understands any penalties that ensue. Another element is offer, which every manager should know is a specifically, clearly asserted proposition (Margolies, 2007).
A manager needs to have a complete understanding of the UCC in the state in which he or she conducts business. This is because the UCC is a detailed canon of laws that lead commercial dealings amongst states in the United States (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). Since managerial dealings involve borrowing funds, letting equipment, setting up contracts, and selling products and services, a clear picture of the UCC within the given state is mandatory to avoid legal mishaps.
One practice managers in most industries can take to protect the privacy of their employees and customers is knowing the type and amount of personal data the business deals with (Foege, 2013). Secondly, knowing the organization’s duties and risks is essential mostly to employee privacy. A third practice is involving top management in building a privacy strategy for its staff and clients. Fourthly, forming a game plan that entails a privacy committee inside the organization is encouraged. Lastly, introducing oversight of the privacy program to customers and staff members is critical to their privacy (Foege, 2013).
I see personal responsibility and accountability fitting into product liability in the sense that limited liability companies have a second cover of liability defense that shields the enterprise from any personal litigation that might affect it.
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