Law and Humanities Antigone

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Please choose one of the versions of the play Antigone, (video or text) located here and on the next page and complete it. Here is the link to the video version of Antigone: is the text version. Feel free to choose one or the other. Or Both! hearing a prophecy that he.pdfHello everyone,if you have followed the instructions, you have either read or watched Sophocles’Antigone. Here are two questions I would like you to answer:First,I want you to choose a particularly relevant line from the play, quote it, and tell us why you think it is important to you. For example, I like this quote from the characterHaemon:”For any man, even if he’s wise, there’s nothing shameful in learning many things, staying flexible.”I like this quote because it reveals one of Creon’s (many) character flaws. And I also like it because I think that it is true that all people should engage in life-long learning; there’s always something more to know.Second, I want you to think about the issue of the conflict between church and state. There have been a number of issues recently where this conflict has come to the fore in our society (Obamacareand gay marriage, for example). I’d like you to find a current controversy regarding church or conscience versus the government, and let tell us how you think it is similar to or different than the trial faced by Antigone.13/05/20205english