Launching a BPAfree Product Line With Event Marketing

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Bisphenol-A is a toxic material that had been found in polycarbonate feeding bottles of babies. The product launch showcases safe feeding bottles and other feeding products which are safe to use for infants and toddlers. The report also describes how stakeholders were involved in the event and which marketing communication strategies were included in the marketing communication mix. Nuby, considered the world’s number 1 infant care feeding and teething company has come up with a new line of products which are Bisphenol A- (BPA) free. BPA is a toxic substance found in polycarbonate plastic which is used in baby bottles (Klotter, 2006). It is an endocrine disrupter which is a toxic substance that interferes with hormonal functions regulating reproduction, normal cell growth, among others. Grossman (2007) reports that chronic and continued exposure to Bisphenol A may lead to diseases related to the reproductive system such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, cystic ovaries, and endometriosis. Polycarbonate bottles used as babies can have long term consequences in children. To prevent exposure to this health risk, Nuby has created baby bottles, cups and toys that are Bisphenol-A free. These are relatively more expensive than the regular polycarbonate ones, but considering the safety of children from the fatal risks, they are definitely worth it. Main Findings Nuby has approached Parents’ Magazine which advertises its products, to launch its new line of BPA-free products. These are feeding bottles, sippers, cups and bowls for infants and toddlers which are not made of polycarbonate material and which are free from the toxic substance, Bisphenol-A. Nuby has created such products to eliminate any risk or doubt and offer parents the safest option (Nuby website, 2013). Parents Magazine invited to co-organize the event launch since this organization has the only parenting website supported by 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults ( Having doctors speak about Bisphenol A is a responsible act in promoting health issues concerning parents and their children. Both organizations, Parents’ Magazine and will add credibility to the endorsement of the new line of Nuby products. Both organizations are opinion leaders and opinion formers that can greatly influence the preferences of consumers. Event marketing is presented as a way to build brand equity (Keller, 2009). Band equity is the added value which a given brand provides a certain product (Farquhar, 1989). In the case of Nuby products, being BPA-free is the brand equity. Promoting its use is an ethical thing to do instead of just letting people continue with their old habits of purchasing polycarbonate products to use with their children. Baines et al (2011) contend that marketing communication methods are used to spread information about an organization’s products and services while engaging a target audience. The marketing communication format should have specific objectives as to the desired responses of the audience. Planning the product launch of Nuby’s new line of BPA-free feeding bottles is guided by the planning framework of De Pelsmacker (2010) Analysis of Exhibition Process Wohfeil and Whelan (2006) describe event marketing as interactive communication of brand values by engaging consumers in a marketing event resulting in their emotional attachment to the brand. Zarantonello amp. Schmitt (2013) compare event marketing to be more direct, and highly interactive than the distant, one-way