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G InsecKill Insecticide in the UKNonetheless, PG intends to launch and market a new product in the United Kingdom, which it is manufacturing for the first time. PG is a popular brand in the country for its high innovativeness, and a strategic position there, therefore, this is expected that InsecKill will receive a good reception.A research has been conducted on the target segment. This has mainly based on the information on consumer demographic distribution and spending behavior in the UK from the company, with regard to its other products sale in the UK market. Different strategies have been identified about how information about InsecKill will be disseminated in the target market. Direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, and advertising are combined in to a single marketing mix to achieve this.Finally, reviews have been conducted on the customer, market, internal and external contexts. In addition, the objectives, strategies, and budget of this marketing plan have been outlined and are discussed. Furthermore, different tactics to ensure successful business experience in the UK have been identified, basing on the consumer research findings. Nonetheless, PG will assess and review its marketing activities time to time, with regard to changing consumer behavior, for better results. Introduction Procter Gamble (PG) Company is a popular multinational company specializing in consumer goods. It produces a wide range of products, including household products, personal care products, cleaning agents, pet foods, among others. This company is highly innovative, thus the wide variety of products. In addition, PG is known to develop new products in the market at a higher rate, compared to other companies. Overall, PG is a high performer in the market, registering high profits each year (PG 2012). PG values its customers, and develops products that suit their needs. This is the reason for the wide range of brands the company produces. Market research is a crucial aspect for this company, as it is through this that the company identifies the needs of its customers (Rehtmeyer 2010). PG has been successful in the consumer goods market. In this essay, it is assumed that PG has developed a new product, which it needs to introduce in the United Kingdom (UK). This is an insecticide named InsecKill, which is meant for household use to kill stubborn and harmful insects in homes. PG