Late Roman Early Christian and Byzantine Art

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On looking at its interior central upper walls, decorations denoting four pairs of apostles are well placed (Ricci 22). On careful scrutiny, one could not fail to recognize the St. Paul and St. Paul. In addition, this central upper walls in the bay have the apostles acclaiming a given giant cross right at the dome center against the sky blue appearance of the stars (Ricci 23). These apostles appear to be placed floating among clouds. The other bunch of apostles exists in the barrel vaults in the interior of that building (Ricci 24). A careful scrutiny of the lunette existing in the north entrance depicts Christ mosaic depicting a good shepherd taking care of his flock. In his arms, an imperial staff appears to be joined to the given Christian cross, supposing symbolizing a combination of heavenly and earthly domains (Ricci 25). Over the South wall, another lunette can be view, but this one depicting St. Lawrence standing close to a given flaming gridiron (Ricci 27). The gridiron has on its opposite side a bookcase which appears to contain four books. These books have inscribed names of evangelists (Ricci 28). The interior provides a serene atmosphere for Christians as they are made to have their hearts