Language of art 3D art photography

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and Number Visual Art In looking at the myriad of images within this module, the pictures that struck a chord with me were those of human suffering. In particular, I was affected by the series of photos entitled “The Crying of Humanity.” These photos elicited a different reaction in me in comparison to the photos of buildings. The photographs of the buildings showcases the advances that have been made in terms of architecture and technology in the 20th and 21st centuries. However, with the Eddie Adams photos in 1968 and 1972, these capture the basic emotions that exist in humanity no matter how sophisticated that we become. This is exhibited by both photographs illustrating a scene that is drenched in death as the people within the scenes are consumed by fear and brutality. Both of these photos look like they could have come out of a Hollywood movie in that they are presented in black and white, and the photographer has frozen a moment of action where the viewer is left to wonder what happened next, or even to wonder what happened in the first place.
I think that these two photos made such a big impression on me because of the fact that, although it shows such horror in them, I noticed that the photos were more interesting to me than horrifying. I think that this illustrates the desensitization to violence that occurs in America. Everyday, people are bombarded with violent imagery in television shows, books, movies, and advertisements. This has ended up causing a culture which is merely interested in violence rather than repulsed by it. It would be interesting to see how a person reacted to these photos when they were first published in comparison to a person in the 21st century.