Language is the Most Important Component of Communication

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The study of language, known as linguistics, has tried to show how language develops among different communities. This study also tries to understand the factors that contribute to similarities and differences in languages. It is clear from the chapter that language does not only mean the ability to talk. There are many forms of language used by human beings to communicate. Spoken language is the most common among them. Currently, there are about three thousands to six thousands different languages in the world. Linguistic anthropology, a branch of linguistics, majors in the study of structure of language. In this study, anthropologists study patterns of sound, the meaning of words made by these sounds, and how these words are combines to make meaningful sentences. Semantics are also covered in this area. Different people from different locations use different terns to describe similar things and physical phenomena in their environment. However, there are some similarities in some of their classifications for instance relatives. Also another area of concern for anthropologists is the origin of language. There are different models that explain the origin and development of language. For instance, from the behaviorist model, a person acquires and develops language from both negative and positive experiences. In linguistics, specifically historical linguistics, the relationship between different languages is also explored. … Another field of linguistic anthropology is the study of non-verbal communication. Different communities have different forms of nonverbal communication. However, there are those that are universal. Non-verbal communication uses signs and body language to communicate different messages. This field of linguistics have helped very much especially in the study of sign language which is now being used universally. Yet another modern form of language is coded language which is very specialized. This field is being utilized in the field of science for instance in computers. Question two Language is part of every society‚Äôs culture therefore understanding the language of a community helps in understanding of a culture of a society. In studying the similarities, differences and development of languages of different communities, we are able to understand the societies better. For example there are communities that live in different geographic locations but have similar or related languages. Through this, we can be able to trace the origin of some communities. In these modern days, globalization has influenced almost all aspects in life language included. By making the world a global village means that there is a need for every person from any part of the world to understand each other. In the early times, communication was the major barrier to globalization. Studies in linguistics made everything easier all over sudden. With development of sign language people could communicate and even do business without necessarily having to talk. Again, development of sign language has helped in communication of people who cannot talk or hear. The study of linguistics is being applied