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Read the case and answer 8 questions,  2pages,  DUE 2/10 12pm, APA STYLE1-What were the key changes that Tata Motors made to Jaguar and Land Rover after Tata acquired the two brands from Ford in 2008? How and why did Tata make changes to the Strategy?2-What does a typical customer journey look like in the automotive industry? Will this change in the future?3-Why is a product launch cycle important? What does a typical launch cycle of a car look like? What are the key objectives of JLR at each stage?4-What data should be collected to ensure that JLR retain a customer-centric approach? How should the different data sources be structured?5-How has digitalization transformed the automotive industry? What type of customer intelligence techniques and methodologies should JLR leverage to understand customers? Are some methods more appropriate at different stages of the launch cycle?6-What is JLR’s brand positioning? How has it changed since Tata acquired the brand?7-What are the recent trends in the automotive industry and how have they affected individual carmakers?8-What role does China play in the global automotive industry?