Land Use for a New Sustainable Community

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The research will first assess the traditional approaches to the use of land. For a community to develop, the paper looks at some zones that guide the development of a community such as residential zones, civic zones, commercial zones, agriculture land zones and open-source zones. The paper will discuss the zones in detail and they’re significant to the research. Secondly, the research will assess the environmental challenges that are likely to affect the development and the sustainability of the new community through the use of land. Such environmental challenges as air pollution, land consumption, water pollution, infrastructure, and mixed-use development. The environmental challenges will be used in the research to understand the problems that might lead to the failure of land use in the development of a new sustainable community. The research will also assess some of the principles of sustainability dealing with the development of a community such as open space, water sources, and a sense of belonging, infrastructure, and diverse community features that are integrated. Consequently, the strategies for the development of a sustainable community will be discussed in the research. The three strategies include urbanism, regional planning, and land use and transport decision-making. Finally, the research will consider the development of a sustainable community in the use of land neighboring Jeddah.