Lake Havasu

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Boating and fishing form an inherent part of Lake Havasu as most people go there in order to catch bass fish, however it is said that a large number of these fish died due to the construction of the dam and their movements along the water body. Despite this, some 3.5 million people visit Lake Havasu a year for not only its floral beauty but also the fauna in the form of fish. The waters are very clear and provide for great amount of fun while fishing and scouring for basses especially with other friends and family members. Small boats may be hired by people for the purpose of carrying out the activity privately, or people may even make groups with others and venture into the waters in larger ships. The world famous London bridge has been constructed on Lake Havasu as well which proved to be one of the main tourist attractions. The bridge is beautifully constructed with a number of arches for ships and boats to sail through. During the time of our visit, a number of fishing tournaments were also underway on the waters, making the atmosphere even more exciting. Most people were quite amazed at the sight of the splendour of the lake, not imagining it to be as wondrous as it actually was. The waters at Lake Havasu are crystal blue and the weather is quite breezy and nice all year round as well. The environment is very serene and calm and had a very cooling and positive effect on everyone present there. There are a number of activities that one can take up and do in this portion of Arizona, including outdoor excursions, planning camping trips, biking or hiking, doing a jeep tour of the entire area. Most people are also attracted by hot air balloon rides over the damn and Lake which are even more overwhelming than looking at the fresh waters of the water body from afar or the from the London Bridge. A large number of water sports including scuba diving, as well as aero sports like parasailing and sky diving are some of the other main attractions that have slowly come up in order to attract more tourism to this beautiful area. Most people are not aware about the awe inspiring view of Lake Havasu and thus have not ventured out, however once there. the impact of the cleanliness and purity within the environment and atmosphere that surrounds the entire place is enough to get the better of everyone. In modern culture, Lake Havasu is quite connected to the American roots. The London Bridge on Lake Havasu was purchased by an American entrepreneur by the name of Robert Paxton McCulloch, who literally founded the city of Lake Havasu and moved the bridge there in the 20th century. Thus, in actuality, the entire city around Lake Havasu that has begun to develop over the last few decades is because of the brainchild of this very entrepreneur and his big American dream of providing a pleasing scenic view to other people around the country. In the year 2007, this area around Havasu was also one of the top hundred places to live in, if one were residing in America. This is because of the kind of beauty the place possesses, and in comparison, no other region has the kind of varied climate like it does. The Lake Havasu City is almost arid with a breezy spell throughout the year, setting it apart from the dam and lake area which is full of a chill in the air around it. On travelling around the city, most people enjoyed the climate and surroundings thoroughly because it is a kind of place almost all kinds of people can enjoy. Mostly, it is filled by