Lack of Awareness and Inability to Afford Healthcare

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This research tells that good health is essential to every person’s development in every sphere and sector of life whether social, cultural, economic or political. the society cannot function effectively when a vast majority of its members are of ill-health. The major drawbacks in the sector are lack of awareness and un-affordability by many patients. In a society where a majority of people do not have high purchasing power, there are always problems of access to quality health care due to the expenses involved. The problem of awareness has detrimental impacts on this sector and is responsible for the increase in mortality rates. The number of deaths occurring due to lack of awareness stands at 13% and incapability to afford healthcare contributes to 27% of the deaths. Thus, there is a need to address these serious problems of lack of awareness and un-affordability to restore societal good health where every person can access healthcare. The aim of this research is to investigate the aspects of lack of awareness and inability to afford healthcare, in terms of causes, effects and recommend suitable ways of spending the available funds to provide quality healthcare and create awareness. Specifically, the research looks at the reduction of healthcare costs to accommodate the poor, improvements to reduce the cost of healthcare without compromising its quality, precautions to treat the public before their conditions deteriorate, a creation of awareness with regards to the current health-care related issues and maintenance of high standards of public hygiene. For this research, healthcare related journals were used as the main sources of information. Different informational journals were consulted to provide information upon which the research is based. The information was analyzed qualitatively and presented to help in restoring sanity to the crucial sector of healthcare. It was evident from the sources that healthcare is one of the most important sectors in the life and development of any economy.