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Name: _____________________________________Ÿ 1. Build the following network in GNS3 as shown in the figure below.
Ÿ 2. Using the tables below, configure the router and the interfaces as shown below.Lab Equipment IP Address Information Router Name Gi0/0 Address Gi1/0 Address R1 Host IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway PC1 PC2 PC3 Ÿ 3. Verify that all hosts can ping each other.  If you can’t ping troubleshoot the problem before continuing with the lab.  The ability to ping is a prerequisite to continuing the lab.Ÿ 4. Configure the access list based on the information show below. Stop Traffic from PC 2 List Number Permit or Deny Source Address Wildcard  Mask 1 Deny On the R1 router, type the following to stop access from PC2.R1(config)#access-list 1
denyŸ 5. Can PC2 ping PC3?  _________________________________  Why? ____________________________________________________Ÿ 6. Apply the access to the interface gi0/0.interface Gi 0/0ip access-group 1  inŸ 7. Can PC2 ping PC3?  _________________________________  Ÿ 8. Can PC1 ping PC3? Why? ____________________________________________________Ÿ 9. Add the following command to R1:R1(config)#access-list 1
permit  any Ÿ 7. Can PC2 ping PC3?  _________________________________  Ÿ 8. Can PC1 ping PC3?  _________________________________Ÿ 9. Run the following commandR1#show access-lists Ÿ 10.  Take a screenshot of the result and paste it here.End of Procedure