Kudler Fine Foods

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This provides opportunity for the company to concentrate on the segments and provide the products and services which were not adequately provided. Marketing research will also give the company a vision to identify the groups in need of their products and services. These demographic groups can be recognized by age, gender and locations, which will have made it easy for the serving company to provide their services and products (Pride and Ferrell 2012). Another important factor, which is the main reason of running a business, is the increase in profits from the sales of products and services. Marketing research will increase the profits of the company since the company will find a way of increasing profit margins by either producing certain products or selling the products to different demographic segmentations. Furthermore, it will provide the company with a vision on what are the impacts of increase in the prices of the different products and services. Marketing research will make a company sell more of its products and services, since the company will identify which place needs certain products and services, the likes and the dislike of the customers and the change in consumer patterns (Pride and Ferrell 2012). …
Question 2 From an analysis on the current research conducted, it is evident that Kudler Fine Foods should also conduct research on the packaging of their products, which will be done by the organization to make the products more presentable to the consumers. An organization can do this by looking for the best and low cost ways of packaging the produce (Kotler et al, 2008). The store can also conduct a motivational research, which can be done by knowing or finding the reasons behind the buying of certain products by the consumers and what prompts them to buy or ignore other products. Kudler Fine Foods should also conduct research on the foreign markets if it is to provide some of its products to international markets (Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, 2012). They can do so by knowing what the needs in the internationals are, and markets in which competition is already operating in order for it not find a way of venturing into the international market. The company could also conduct an extensive research on product brand names and the ways it could affect the consumers and the competitors. Additionally, the company can conduct research on related products for them to ascertain the relationships between these products and the products currently offered (Kotler et al, 2008). This should be supplemented by conducting market research on competing companies, which will provide them with decisions on what to use on their marketing plans. Kudler Fine Foods can also conduct market research about the distribution channels of different products, which will give them a greater chance to discover the best distribution channel for the products and in turns beat the competitors’ ways of distributing its