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Activity-Based Costing, Traditional Costing
22. The controller for Mitchell Supply Company has established the following overhead cost
pools and cost drivers:
Overhead Cost Pool
Overhead Cost
Cost Driver
Machine setups
Number of setups
Material handling
Units of raw material
Quality control inspection
Number of inspections
Other overhead costs
Machine hours
Budgeted Level
Overhead Cost Pool
for Cost Driver
Overhead Rate
Machine setups
100 setups
$1,500 per setup
Material handling
50,000 units
$1.05 per unit
Quality control
1,000 inspections
$37.50 per inspection
Other overhead
15,000 machine hours
$6 per machine hour
Order no. 610 has the following production requirements:
Machine setups
5 setups
Raw material
10,000 units
12 inspections
Machine hours
600 machine hours
A. Compute the total overhead that should be assigned to order no. 610 by using
activity-based costing.
B. Suppose that Mitchell were to use a single, predetermined overhead rate based on
machine hours. Compute the rate per hour and the total overhead assigned to order no.
C. Discuss the merits of an activity-based costing system in comparison with a traditional
costing system.Business